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Asset Manager (AM)

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Position description:
This is a post-closing asset management position responsible for coordinating the transfer and consolidation of loans, Owned Real Estate and other assets to an acquirer(s), buyers, asset servicers or other entities.  This position is also responsible for the overall management of interim servicing, servicing operations and asset management functions until assets are transferred.  In addition, this position is responsible for asset reporting and case management, including those related to the repudiation or affirmation tasks and leases.  This position similarly manages the activities assigned to failed entities employees retained on behalf of the client to assist in the resolution and liquidation process.

Minimum qualifications for include:
Four year business, accounting, or other equivalent degree or five years relevant industry or regulatory experience. Two years managerial/supervisory experience in the financial or mortgage services’ industries in the functional area(s) the Manager is assigned to manage.  Progressively responsible experience within the functional area of responsibility.  Skill in written and oral communications. Ability to deal and communicate effectively with individuals at all levels. Experience in policy and procedure development and implementation. Ability to conduct training programs, internally and externally.
Email Contact: hrrac@tcba.com
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